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Topic: Re:Re:Varifocal (multifocal) contact lenses
Posted by: Sarah Sharp
Date/Time: 23/02/15 13:51:00

It may well be a false economy buying direct without going to the optician. 

The multifocal contact lenses can be a bit of a compromise in some ways and you may have to choose between the best small print reading quality or the best distance sight.  The optician will try you with various combination options and also possibly send you home with several FOC varying pairs to try out in different situations (e.g. reading and driving) and lighting conditions so that you get the best result for your comfort and lifestyle.

So it is not necessarily just a case of replicating your spectacles prescriptions.

I have used multifocal lenses for several years but in my case have never got the combination totally perfect so mostly use them for leisure activities rather than office work or night driving when I revert to my varifocal glasses.  You may have a far better outcome than me but as said best to get the optician to prescribe them first.  You can always buy subsequent supplies direct online.

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