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Topic: Any authors sell books through Amazon Advantage?
Posted by: Greg Watts
Date/Time: 22/02/15 10:07:00

I've signed up to the Amazon Advantage programme to sell copies of my new book. I already have orders and will be sending a consignment to Amazon's Milton Keynes warehouse at the end of next week.

However, I'm really struggling to understand the process involved in the packing and shipment process.

I've looked at the Amazon help pages, contacted customer services, watched Amazon videos and Googled the subject, but I'm still baffled about issue relating to applying stickers to individual books, whether I wrap each one, what information I send to Amazon and how I do it, whether I have to book a delivery slot at the warehouse or does the courier company does this. And is Advantage the same as FBA? And what's the difference between Seller Central and Vendor Central?

Is there an author out there who sells through Amazon Advantage and would talk me through the nuts and bolts?

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