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Topic: Re:Re:Heritage street lights
Posted by: Russell Pearson
Date/Time: 19/02/15 10:10:00

LBH say that there's no alternative because they signed up with Hounslow Highways for 3 basic models of Stela lights for all of Hounslow.

Stela is very old tech - the lights have inaccurate specifications, break all British Standards and there are countless better alternatives. But LBH signed up the contract with Vinci Construction & Barclays Investments - aka Hounslow Highways and we all get legacy lights dumped on the market by Phillips.

LBH cannot get out of this contract, or so they say. Other councils have changes their minds and changed their lights to lower CCT - i.e removed the blue white LEDs for more ambient human centric lighting. But not LBH.

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