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Topic: Re:Bathrool Tiler
Posted by: Nigel Brooks
Date/Time: 18/02/15 12:17:00

I have just had my bathroom tiled by Misha Simonyan, based in Greenford and, frankly, I am more than delighted.

He arrives on time, you wouldn't know that he was in your home, is quiet and, overarchingly, the quality of his workmanship is outstanding with perfect flat walls and 'arrow straight' joints even on complex corners AND he is reasonably priced.

I have no connection other than as a delighted customer.

Price will depend on a number of factors such as size and quality of tiles and how much cutting is needed around pipes etc. All I can say is that his quote, while not the lowest, was significantly below a number of others.

His contact numbers are:

07903230452 and

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