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Topic: Hurrican Lamps
Posted by: Hazel Hardy
Date/Time: 17/02/15 11:59:00

The community around Miss NaySmith's  garden would like to keep the floral and candle tributes for as long as possible.
Does anyone have any Hurricsn Lamps we could borrow to put some if the candles in so the rain does not put them out at night, these would be returned

Some people are planting flowers and bulbs just to inform you that Miss NaySmith also has bulbs planted herself please be respectful of those as some are just coming into life.
Please try not to walk on her garden as to disturb the lovely tributes that are being left.

If you are leaving cards, pictures etc please if possibly could they be laminated so the rain does not destroy them especially the drawings left by the children

All lanterns can be left there and any candle donations have  been gratefully received
It has been very humble to see how many lives Miss NaySmith has touched over her time in Chiswick

Thank you

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