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Topic: Re:Ms Naysmith
Posted by: David Smith
Date/Time: 17/02/15 10:31:00

Just thought I would add my memories about Ms.Naysmith.I was a bus driver at Stamford Brook bus garage on Chiswick High Road ,and used to walk from the tube station entrance to work.
I first encountered her for my first time in 2001,and probably like many another well-intentioned passerby feeling sorry for her attempted to press 2 upon her for a cup of tea .Big mistake!
She screamed like she was being murdered and I couldn't get away quick enough,in fact I could still hear her ranting after I turned the corner onto the High Road at Youngs Corner.It was only after colleagues told me about her .and I had read articles about her life that I understood that was how ms.Naysmith was.
I occasionally walked up Prebend Gardens and saw her Ford Consul 'home'.Whilst feeling sorry for her intentional homeless plight and her circumstances I must admit the stench emanating from the rubbish both inside and underneath her rotting car did make me also feel sorry for the local residents.

The last time I saw the lady was in 2007 shortly before I left London.I had just taken over my bus outside Stamford Brook bus garage one dark evening and she was sitting in the shelter.I closed the doors and was just about to pull away when to my horror I saw in my mirror a shadowy apparition bending down just behind my front wheel.It was Ms.Naysmith who had placed an aluminium drinks can under the bus wheel,obviously to flatten it for recycling.Imagine if she had stumbled!
I sincerely hope that she hadn't tried the same thing under the wheel of the lorry that accidentally killed her that night.
Some people touch your lives briefly in mysterious ways and Ms.Naysmith was one of them.RIP

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