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Topic: Knitting wool required for charity knitting
Posted by: Joy Griffiths
Date/Time: 12/02/15 14:25:00

I am again on the hunt for knitting wool please. For those of you reading this who've not seen my previous requests I've added at the bottom of this message what it's used for...

Please ask friends, relatives, work colleagues for any unwanted wool or part knitted/failed projects which will be unpicked, the wool washed and reused. Tangled bags of oddments are also welcome.

It absolutely doesn't matter what quality, colour, quantity or thickness - none is wasted, even little bits are used for sewing up.

I can collect,possibly even from a distance, so please contact me either via pm (put anything in the subject box or the email doesn't work) or at  Thank you

What it's used for

Mother and Mother-in-Law (both well into their 80's) knit for various charities and have run out of wool. This is their 'project' for the winter months or when they cannot get out and about.

My Mother makes the tiniest, gorgeous items for Queen Charlottes Prem Baby Unit - all according to their specific requirements.

Mother-in-Law makes basic stripey T-shaped jumpers in various childrens sizes for a disaster charity collection.

Any wool which is too thick for either of the above is knitted into dog blankets for a refuge.

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