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Topic: fridge technician/electrician for dodgy fridge
Posted by: Eva Beagan
Date/Time: 10/02/15 19:46:00

I have a LEC under-counter fridge (bought last November) from Currys, which I believe not to be working correctly.  It has already had one faulty thermostat replaced (by a sub-tractor employed by LEC in the Chiswick area - they don't have their own technicians locally)

I was less than impressed with the guy who came to see me, from a company called AA services - not sure he really knows what he is doing.

I've called the company again, told them of my problems...the fridge has become hyper sensitive - almost every time I open the door or put something in it comes on and in  general is just behaving strangely.

Does anyone know of an independent engineer or technician who could come and have a look at it and tell me honestly whether I really have a problem or am being over sensitive to it's working.

I have called LEC again, but all they say is that the fridge is behaving normally and there is nothing wrong with it - diagnosis by phone when I would rather do it face to face.

If necessary I am prepared to dump this one, write it off to experience, and get a new one for peace of mind.

thanks for any input.

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