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Topic: Re:Water pressure - SOTG
Posted by: Helle Kaiser-Nielsen
Date/Time: 09/02/15 10:47:00

Here's the link to report it (I think...) Have called them now at 0800 316 9800. Option 1, then option 2. There are no reported incidents in the area, according to their system. There is, however, a leak investigation in "Strand on the Green"/Thames Road, they've done work on Thames Road on 1 Feb w resurfacing after, in Pyrmont Road around 3 Feb. Engineer now booked for next week. Cross referenced our complaint with existing issues in Strand just now. Reference No. 1012553362. So if you call too, & qoute the reference, it should all be linked up w. existing issue in thames Road and our complaing in our road. Hx

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