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Topic: Re:Re:Loft Conversions
Posted by: Sarah Dinsmore
Date/Time: 09/02/15 07:01:00

For anyone wanting to do a loft conversion, can I suggest that you don't use MoreSpace unless you want to really disturb your neighbours.  I live across the street from one of their projects, and at 6:30 am this morning, a huge flat bed lorry delivered bags of sand.  Last week at 6:30 am a skip lorry came and in a noisy 20 minutes removed the full skip and replaced it with an empty one.  I phoned the company after that, and the person I spoke to, far from apologising, told me it wasn't their responsibility as a company and that it was the responsibility of the crew on site.  Not the best answer I feel and one that doesn't reflect well on them as a company.  I will phone again later this morning when they open, but in the meantime wanted to warn any prospective customers what they would be letting their neighbours in for if they decided to use this company.

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