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Topic: Re:Thank you Iverson Tyres
Posted by: Liz Kovatzis
Date/Time: 07/02/15 13:21:00

Gosh they must have changed a lot since my bad experiences a few years back - took my car there 2 years running for it's MOT got a bill for 350 each time - bulbs etc then both times after I picked noticed one of the lights wasn't working and they said they didn't have the right bulb! So they hadn't changed them anyway! Which made me suspicious about all the other stuff they said needed doing and had done. I then started taking it to WESTGATE on the great west road - passed ever time & only charged a couple of quid for a bulb here and there and the screen wash - they are honest and I recommend them any day- they even charged me less for a part as the supplier had made a mistake and charged them less......brilliant

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