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Topic: Re:Re:Re:New panhandler on CHR
Posted by: John Martin
Date/Time: 05/02/15 11:55:00

Steve great to take beer with u the other night. A fine pint in your local I thought . The KG1V pint was never in my opinion that great and now its been remodelled on a Travel Lodge in Crewe I can understand why u have moved your custom. I just hope Messrs Fullers did not spunk too much of their shareholders funds on that hideous makeover.
To return to your post we are all targets for all sorts of spoofs in W4 . As I write an Irish sounding gent[ I can hear -we are not double glazed] is banging on my door [ I am not answering] soliciting for some type of building work. Been several of these up Rusthall Avenue recently . Buyer beware as they say.

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