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Posted by: Alfredo B Procaccini
Date/Time: 02/02/15 18:08:00

Very amusing reading from some, thank you. Pete Mayes is right in many ways. Doctors, often, do not have the answers, their knowledge is just not there (yet). GPs have become dispensing machines for the (rich) pharmaceuticals companies. BTW - $30 billion per annum are the sales on Statins alone.
You may wish to listen to Dr. Atul Gawande on Radio 4 – about > Lecture 1: Why do Doctors Fail? (Superb)
If you are really bored and suffering from insomnia, this blog will send you to sleep.

About acupuncture.
As with any trade, not all people performing acupuncture (TCM) are good at it. The “clinic” on the north circular road has been there for a very long time – I’ll give the lady a 6 out of 10 on her ‘performance’.  I’ve tried (I think his name is Namura and, yes, he is Japanese and not Chinese) - he should still be working at the Ealing Chiropractic Clinic in The Grove, Ealing. An excellent (but expensive) clinic is in Camden Town. Unfortunately TCM have become greedy in the last 15+ years. They now charge for an examination (usually £60) – they charge for acupuncture and they also sell you herbal (very bitter) tea. £120+  is their daily rate these days.
I know of a few more and you can find "travelling" acupuncturists too (they come to your home).
Actually, just remembered - there is a Chinese clinic in Chiswick as he came to visit my mother at West.Mid. hospital - he was good. Found him on Internet but don't have details, sorry.

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