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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Local Driving Schools Recommendation
Posted by: Paul Allen
Date/Time: 02/02/15 17:59:00

Thanks for the reply’s

Julian, I have found out through bitter experience, if you have a genuine problem with the AA / BSM service you find out how bad the company really is.

Contacting the AA driving school head office for advice on problem with a driving instructor, you are quickly told that the instructors are not employees of the AA / BSM company. You will have to complain about your problem about the instructor to the instructor him or her self.

So I asked if we cannot amicably solve the problem between us, would you the AA  step in and help sort it out. No was the reply, as the drivers are self employed you can only deal with them.

I think these instructors just pay to be set up by the AA / BSM and maybe some of the hourly fee probably goes to the company. So you might as well deal with a good one man driving instructor    

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