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Topic: Healthy foods home delivery
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 30/01/15 19:25:00

Anyone tried any 'healthy' meals for home delivery?  I find many of the supermarket meals either too bland or too salty, and apparently they are full of sugar.  Not a keen cook unless for a special occasion so would like to find some good, healthy meals that could be home-delivered to be cooked at home - not the ones where they just supply the ingredients and you still have to make the meal, I might as well just do a supermarket shop for that, I would likeones with minimal preparation that basically just need putting in the oven or pretty nearly - ie 5 mins prep max!

Got a flyer from Wiltshire Farm meals a while back but looking at the website it looks like the worst kind of hospital food and the reviews are awful.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

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