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Topic: Cat found near Sainsburys
Posted by: M Dowling
Date/Time: 21/01/15 19:18:00

My friends garden backs onto sainsburys car park and her cats do wander, but never further than the area around the gardens. This one only goes out for a very short period of time and had left the house only 10 minutes before being picked up so was not lost in any way. Thanks to whoever took the time to take her to the vets. However, I wonder when a cat is actually 'lost' so needs to be rescued or is just having a little wander and will happily go back home all by itself when it's ready. Not sure why the vet thought she was an indoor cat. I can only imagine she was a little scared.  Thank you to Young vets for taking such great care of her and especially for taking time to post here as it got her back home. Her chip has now been updated.

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