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Topic: Double mattress going free
Posted by: Martin Whaley
Date/Time: 21/01/15 18:11:00

Hi all,
This is a real long shot as i no longer live in the area and this would require a trip across town, but have a 100% success rate in giving my stuff away on here, rather than Gumtree which can be painful!

In short, I have an excellent condition double mattress (four foot six / 135cm wide) in a storage container (Safestore) on Holloway road, N7 (nr Archway). It is about three years old, but has been stored in a plastic cover for the last year or so. If anyone wants, they will need to come and pick it up. I need to get rid of it by Mon 26 January.

If anyone knows anyone who might be interested, or perhaps local landlords who need this sort of thing, please point them towards this via the PM facility.

I am trying charities like the BHF as well, but not sure i will get a collection/pick up that will happen in time.

Many thanks,

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