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Topic: Missing Scooter
Posted by: laura sandiford
Date/Time: 20/01/15 17:29:00

Hello Everyone
Unfortunately my sons brand new red naxi micro sxooter was taken from
His school ten days ago.
He is absolutely heartbroken and I'm posting to see if anyone has a second hand maxi
Scooter for sale at a good price.
As it was brand new we can't afford to buy it again at full price and on eBay they seem to be going 60+ for second hand and they seem to disappear too quickly on gumtree, I emailed one advert 30 minutes after it was posted and it was already gone.
As I know Chiswick is a popular area for these scooters if anyone has one for sale I'd be
Very grateful if you could get in touch
Thanks so much

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