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Posted by: Nigel Brooks
Date/Time: 15/01/15 12:11:00

Colditz is not that impressive TBH and the recent redevelopment has removed even more of the mystique.

You must get to Dresden if only to see the Frauenkirche (avoid the expensive bars and cafés nearby) and the views across the Elbe.

Don't bother with the tourist bus, it's all walkable, just make sure that you 'pinpoint' a landmark as it is easy to get lost among the architecture.

Also, if you have time try to get to the Dresden Zwinger Museums - a range of baroque buildings that originally served as an orangery. A further 'must' is a visit to the Procession of Princes, a vast mural painted on around 23,000 Meissen porcelain tiles, the largest of its kind anywhere, depicting the Electors of Saxony on horseback.

Have a wonderful trip.

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