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Topic: Re:PCN from 2013
Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 13/01/15 21:44:00

This is one reason why it's essential to keep any letter that cancels a PCN!

Can you please e-mail me the PCN number and the car's reg number, and what you remember of the timeline of this PCN?  Send it to  For example, do you think the PCN was cancelled after an initial challenge, or did it go to the second stage (Notice to Owner and representation to Ealing)?

As far as I can see from a quick look at the regulations, if a penalty has not been successfuly challenged and is still unpaid, then there probably isn't a deadline for pursuing the outstanding payment.  However, a Charge Certificate should not be issued unless you have had a Notice to Owner. If you appealed against a Notice to Owner, you should have a Notice of Rejection if the council didn't accept your appeal.

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