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Topic: Kew Bridge begging scam
Posted by: Amber In der Rieden
Date/Time: 08/01/15 21:45:00

I thought the following message may be of use in case someone gets stopped by the woman in question. Below is a message received via a Kew forum:

Charlotte Clark posted in Kew friends
Thought should share this just incase you come across this woman. Since this email was sent another 5 residents have had an encounter with her x

I thought it might be worthwhile sending the following information to the local residents. This morning around 8:30 am, as I was driving down Selwyn Ave preparing to stop at the Kew Rd intersection, a fairly panicked woman (white skin, long fair hair and no coat in the pouring rain, no noticeable accent) stopped the car and explained in a state of distress that she had run out of petrol on Kew Rd and the service station would not allow her to fill a lemonade bottle with petrol and that she didn't have enough money for a proper container. As we were dashing off to school and short on time, I didn't question her but gave her 15 GBP for the container (she said it cost 12.95). I then explained to the children that she may or may not be genuine but I would rather help someone out of a tricky situation than not. The children thought about this for a while and then told me that she had stopped Daddy a couple of weeks ago with the same story!

So beware, she is clearly getting enough money with this scam to continue to perpetuate it. I reported the incident to the 101 police phone number for their records but wanted to forewarn local residents too.
the crime reference which is:

CHS 9458 8-1-14
So if anyone does see her again call 101 ASAP giving the information above if possible. Let's hope no one else falls victim to her.

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