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Topic: Re:Dog Attack Grove Park
Posted by: Janet Norman
Date/Time: 07/01/15 17:02:00

Hi Rhona.
I posted the news about my friends dog, Kip, being attacked. I also could not find the original post when I put in the title 'Dog attack in Grove Park'.
You will be able to find it if you put my name into the search box.
I spoke to the dog warden's dept today to find out what is happening regarding this dog and they told me they were still looking into it as they did not have the owners address, I promptly gave it to them - again - and also told them that this dog is still being taken out without a muzzle. I have also contacted the 'Status Dog Unit', which is run by the Police, re:banned/dangerous dogs, to see if they can help push things along, I'm still waiting for them to return my call.

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