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Topic: Local elderley Greyhound looking for new home.
Posted by: S Powell
Date/Time: 06/01/15 21:51:00

I am posting this on behalf of someone local who is being relocated abroad with work, and needs to find a new home for her twelve and a half year old Greyhound. His details are as follows. As Greyhounds only live between 12 - 15 years, he is in his twilight years, and really needs his next home to be secure and permanent, with someone who is there at home with him as he loves company. P/M me for photo's and/or if you're interested.

Nelson is a 12 and a half year old Greyhound, with no health issues. He has a very gentle and submissive nature which rendered him "useless" as a working dog. He has been with his current owner for 10 years, and has pet insurance. He's great with kids of all ages and lives with a cat he was raised with. He's great with other dogs too. He has excellent recall, (although owner has always played it safe and not let him off the lead near deer). He is a food thief!  He does not need much exercise - he's as happy with 10 minutes as two hours. He is perfectly housetrained and stands by the door when he needs the loo. He's happy to be left for up to 4 hours, but when people are home, he likes to be with them, so he'll come and be with you wherever you happen to be in the house. He is quite thin, but his vet is happy with this and says that as they get older, Greyhounds tend to either put on weight or lose it, but it is not a problem. Current owner is happy to help towards any costs.

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