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Topic: Welstead Way Car Park
Posted by: Sheyi Martins
Date/Time: 04/01/15 21:44:00

Hi all,

I just wanted to ask if anyone was as concerned about the safety in the Welstead Way car park as my flatmates,fiancÚ and I are?
We all live on Flanders Road and as such come through the car park, daily on our routes back and forth from Stamford Brook tube station. It seems that at least once a week a car is broken into as we see glass on the ground regularly, and cars with windows smashed.
It seems to us that there is an easy solution to this. CCTV. There is not one camera in the entire car park! This seems incredible considering how many crimes occur there; numerous car thefts and drugs which we smell from time to time. Considering there is still a sex attacker on the loose in the area we really cannot fathom how cameras have not been put up.
Has anyone asked for cameras to be put up there before? If so, which authorities did you approach, and what was the outcome?
Grateful for any experiences/help.

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