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Topic: Disappointing NYE  At Pack Horse Pub
Posted by: Tony Buchanan
Date/Time: 04/01/15 03:15:00

Don't get me wrong it was a fairly chav free zone all night and the bouncers did a great job.

However the funk self indulgence music played by the DJ who I believe plays on a Fridays meant that 99% of the music played all evening in the music room was unknown and a big let down.The DJ obviously only wanted to selfindulge and forgot what he was there for.

Very few popular toons were played despite numerous requests and the barstaff couldn't care less (double time?)

Perhaps it was a clever ploy to keep everything subdued.

I must add the Thai restaurant is brilliant and beats the likes of The Blue Elephant or anything CHRd.

Is the Duke the best pub for NYE?

I note the Swan is now undergoing a major refurb due to reopen on the 14 Feb.

If they want to yuppify this boozer they need to extend the wine list,takedown the darts board and install loads of bookshelves.

I will have to ditch my trainers and go to the Duke next year unless I move because of the projected surge in equity !

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