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Topic: Re:Re:Armchair cushions
Posted by: Joy Griffiths
Date/Time: 01/01/15 16:34:00

Hi Sylvia...

Do these cushions simply rest on the seat - like a garden chair seat pad or do they need to fit snuggly between the arms and back of the chair?

When I replaced some seat cushions on a sofa I purchased a couple of custom cut foam blocks on line which then I inserted into the old covers.  They fitted perfectly. I can't remember the name of the company I used but this company (as I have no idea how to post a 'live' link you will have to copy and paste this into your browser)
Before you order I would call them to get the correct instructions on how to decide what dimensions you need as I think they need to be slightly 'fatter' than the gusset edge around the depth of the existing cover so that they remain a tight fit and don't look saggy and crumpled after they've been sat on. It is quite straight forward to make new covers albeit fiddly particularly if you want piped edges and a zipped opening, I managed the piped edges but gave up on the zip opting for hand stitching instead. Do PM me if you think I might be able to add more.

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