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Topic: Re:Re:Please read! Urgent
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 30/12/14 21:52:00

Bobby, do you consider yourself to have the right credentials for membership to this gang of young bloods.After all, our young gangmaster, Harold, (you are going to have to get yourself a different handle.You just cannot be the leader of a 'ard'gang and be called Harold) Change your name to Slasher, or something more appropriate.Anyway, Harold is trying to convey to us that he and the other Bedford Park Bloods are going to be 'ard'He then spoils this 'ard 'image by stating that the Bloods will meet outside Poundland, but in Byron's for a burger "if it's raining".Most gang members are recognisable by a certain type of bandana or a certain coloured hankie hanging out of a back pocket of their Levi's.The BPB will be identifiable by mis-matched socks.Fantastic, you will only be able to tell their allegiance when they are sitting down and their socks are on display.I forsee other problems with this method of identification.You see Harold, us old farts quite often wander about with odd socks on.It's part of getting old.So if, when you are out and about with your 'bros' looking 'ard'and you come across some old boy shuffling along, muttering to himself, and with pee stains on his trousers.If he happens to have odd socks on, please don't think he wants to join your gang

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