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Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 29/12/14 10:10:00

They are also very useful when you miss a collection for whatever reason or as in the case above you suddenly have much more than you have been used to dealing with.  The waste hierarchy starts with REDUCE and REUSE so when we are stuck with RECYCLING which is near the end there is still a lot of work to be done.

Altering the way in which you buy and manage food (so as not to buy too much) makes a big difference.  It is a management thing and it helps when other members of the family are encouraged to help and be more responsible rather than just treat the kitchen as a restaurant and the fridge as a magic cupboard which constantly refills itself with goodies (ie never mind that cherry yoghurt that's left from the multipack there's a strawberry one which I prefer in the new one).

How often have you asked the question "What are you doing in the fridge?" to the door-hanging teenager?  When the answer is "Looking for something nice" they are obviously not THAT hungry!

It is very unfortunate that these useful recycling banks have been blighted and abused by a few people.  More people could help themselves by making proper use of the regular weekly (and in the case of the flats over shops - twice weekly) collection facilities provided by the Councils.  If you have already learnt to reduce your waste you will find it easier to manage if you miss a collection  - and there are bound to be occasional challenges and changes to the systems you and/or the Councils use.

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