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Topic: There is a Santa!
Posted by: Lou Valdini
Date/Time: 28/12/14 13:31:00

My son was over from Dubai just before Christmas, and we went out with friends for a few drinks in Soho. When we got home around 12.30, he found his wallet had gone, along with cards and Dubai ID.

Panic ensued ...until I received an email at 01.50 from someone saying he had been sitting opposite us on the train, and had my son's wallet.

We couldn't work out how he had contacted me because my son did not have my details in his wallet. He found his name on LinkedIn, where he also found my details.

What are the chances of this happening?

Thank you 'Santa' Warrick McNeill, Director of Physioworks ( from Isleworth. You are a gentleman. 

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