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Topic: Re:Re:Lost Grey Silver cat
Posted by: Carol McShane
Date/Time: 25/12/14 13:27:00

The cat followed my daughter into the park yesterday, as she was walking our dogs, (something she rarely does) and wrongly assumed the cat would trot back home. I believe the cat was chased up into the tree as there were lots of dogs in the park yesterday. We tried for hours to coax her down, but with no joy. We then contacted Adrian the warden of Chiswick House, who in turn contacted the  RSPCA for advice. They suggested leaving food at the foot of the tree, as a cat who climbs up a tree, will generally come down the same way. At 12.30am I went to the locked Park Road gate and called her, I could still hear her meowing. At 7.00am she was no longer in the tree. We have searched the park, but have not found her.

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