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Posted by: Michael Brown
Date/Time: 22/12/14 13:53:00

Jan (and all),

There are various claims about the height that an SU25 can fly at, some which fall within shooting range of MH17. There are also reports that some literature about the planes (at least online) has been amended since the crash to show a lower max operating height. Can you state with absolute certainty what the max operating height is of an SU25? I canít Ė I canít even be sure that these were the type of planes that showed up on the radar; but what I can do is look at the collective evidence available and piece it together to reach a plausible, perhaps probable, conclusion. So letís look at the story from both sides, and any supporting evidence. Iíve not studied this extensively but Iíll illustrate my understanding, and you, and anyone else, can correct me if and where necessary:

Kiev accused pro-Russian rebels of shooting down MH17 with a missile fired from a BUK launcher, which is kit used by the Ukraine military, which there is no credible evidence of the rebels ever being in possession of. Such missiles leave a smoke trail when launched, which can be seen miles away. Kiev also claimed that some communication had been recorded by pro-Russian rebels admitting responsibility for the shoot down. They also showed video footage of a BUK missile launcher being driven along a road with two missiles missing, claiming that this was the launcher used by the rebels. Kievís claims were being heavily backed by the US and the West, in general, with sanctions being proposed against Russia almost immediately.

Russia spent some time reviewing data and the events before presenting evidence to the world community for comment, particularly from Kiev and the US. They showed that MH17 took its determined path until reaching Donetsk, when it deviated to the North, taking it directly over the conflict zone. They provided evidence showing that Kiev had moved BUK missile launchers into the area of Donetsk, when they knew that the rebels had no aviation power. They showed an aircraft on radar climbing towards MH17, which showed the characteristics of a military aircraft, and believe it was a Ukrainian SU25 fighter jet, which they claim can fly briefly up to 10,000m (Witnesses also say they saw one or two jets in the area). They reminded us that Kiev had already claimed that they had no military planes airborne that day. They stated that the US claimed to have satellite images showing that MH17 was shot down by pro-Russian rebels using a BUK launcher, and confirmed their knowledge of a US satellite passing over the crash zone at the precise time of the crash. They requested that the US provide the evidence to the world community to support their claims, and also asked if it was just a coincidence that this satellite passed over the zone at this precise time. Russia claimed that the BUK missile launcher with the two missiles missing shown in Kievís video was based in a known location occupied by Ukrainian forces, proven by a road sign/advert, seen in the video.

Prior to the information and requests made by the Russians as referred to above, Kiev and the US had been making very loud noises about Russiaís involvement in the shooting down of MH17, despite having provided no credible evidence. Upon the release of the above information and requests, Kiev and the US went very quiet. Whilst not completely climbing down from their claims about the pro-Russian rebels being responsible, they started saying things like: ďOh it was probably just an accidentĒ. Weeks passed without any official response to Russiaís claims when, suddenly, a satellite image was provided by the US showing Ukrainan BUK missile launchers away from the conflict zone, claiming that they were taken on the day that MH17 was shot down. Russia claimed that the date stamp had been tampered with and that the weather conditions shown in the images did not match the known weather conditions on the day. I understand that, more recently, some satellite images have been provided by a Russian State TV company purporting to show a Ukrainian jet firing a missile at MH17. These images are also claimed to be fake by some, and may well be Ė I would have thought that they would have been released much earlier if genuine. Regarding the claims made by Kiev about intercepted communications of pro-Russian rebels admitting to shooting down MH17, the Russians claim that this was faked, claiming that electronic analysing equipment proved that the communication was made up of a series of recordings and joined up. Iím not aware of any counter challenge to this claim or the Russiansí counter claim about the position of the BUK missile launchers.

Going back to my comments about Ďmachine-gun fireí, some observers (Experts? I canít be sure of their credentials) point towards the vast amount of small round holes that were found in the plane, particularly in the cockpit area, and with particular concentration of these holes being where the pilot would have been seated Ė it appears that the holes have joined up to form a much larger hole at this precise point. Could this be the result of shrapnel from an exploding missile in close proximity to the aircraft? I donít have the knowledge to properly answer this question; but the holes do seem to be predominately round and of the same size (about 30mm). Itís also been pointed out that the metal edge of the holes is bent inwards on some of the holes and outwards on others. This doesnít seem to support the thesis that these holes were created by shrapnel from an exploding missile to one side of the aircraft. However, such holes could be created by machine-gun fire from both sides of the aircraft, or bullets passing straight through the other side. I suppose the same could be argued for shrapnel, but the consistency of shape and size would seem to rule this out (thatís only my guess). There is quite a lot of information on the net about this hypothesis and many images of the holes, which people can look up.

So where does this leave us? Do I know what happened? No, I donít. Is there any credible evidence to suggest that MH17 was shot down by pro-Russian rebels using a BUK missile launcher? None whatsoever Ė Zero; but if anyone thinks they have some, then please share it.

What does the evidence show? It shows that MH17 deviated from its determined corridor, taking it directly over the conflict zone, and almost certainly under the instruction of Kiev ATC, for which the communication transcripts have not been released. Here, it was tracked by, at least, one military aircraft before falling out of the sky. The cockpit area, in particular, is heavily pitted with small round holes and is consistent with damage caused by machine-gun fire. Whilst this occurred, a US satellite passed overhead, which they say shows something different happened but have, so far, refused to present their evidence. What does all this tell us? Thereís only one plausible explanation here from what I can tell.

When discussing the fate of MH17, some people say to me: ďOh the Russians are terrible, and the way they treat their people is awfulĒ etc. I donít even feel the need to express a view on that because thatís not what weíre talking about. The subject is about learning how MH17 reached its fate.

One thing that is certainly indisputable is the intentional inaccuracy of the mainstream media reporting of the events. It was reported, immediately, almost as fact that the rebels were responsible, and that the Russians were involved; and not much has changed since; so we have to ask ourselves, why? I know that the biased/inaccurate reports made by the mainstream media suit some people on here due to their political beliefs, agendas or problems with denial due to their need to protect their misconceived world view; but anyone that is interested in the truth, and are honest with themselves, should observe the evidence; and once they have digested the evidence, they will see how this event fits in with the bigger picture, and how we are repeatedly being lied to. These FALSE FLAG PSY-OPS are being used for geo-political reasons by the elite to reshape the world in a way that they have desires for; and this group is controlling the mainstream media. So keep believing the lies if you wish, but for those that are interested in the truth, youíll probably have to do a little research of your own when such events occur.

Incidentally, in the crash report, it states that the plane crashed due to ďa large number of high-energy objects that struck it from the outsideĒ and that the flight ended ďabruptlyĒ, which Iím sure it did, but Dutch Foreign Minister, Frans Timmermans, later let slip that one passenger was found with an oxygen mask around his neck, which wasnít even mentioned in the report. The Russians say that the report is vague and lacks in detail, and it probably does lack in detail; and quite intentionally.

All this Ė yet look at some of the pathetic comments above with no reference, as ever, made to the evidence. Quite incredible.

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