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Topic: Re:Re:The season of goodwill?
Posted by: Mari Austin
Date/Time: 19/12/14 17:58:00

Thank you so much for your very kind offer Nigel but it really isn't necessary.   It was my own fault as I should have been much more aware in view of my experience the day before. Cannot believe how stupid I was.  I had taken an item down from a shelf in the shop to look at and then replaced it - couldn't have taken me more than a minute or so,  The problem was  that I had too many bags and therefore didn't notice when I had one less - I didn't even realise until I was nearly home!  The irony is that I was replacing items that had been stolen from our garage. They were presents and gifts that my daughter had put there for safe keeping as she gives them to a couple of hospitals and a hospice on Christmas Day.  I took her with me today so that one of us could make sure it doesn't happen again.  I  think I got off lightly as I'm very happy at what they didn't get!

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