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Topic: Re:Footpath Railway Near Strand  School
Posted by: Helle Kaiser-Nielsen
Date/Time: 16/12/14 14:01:00

Before the latest repair, I sent a complaint to Hounslow Highways ( re. the state of the bridge then with broken and/or worn down surfaces. It was recently repaired/updated, but I agree that it is superslippy when there is a bit of frost on the stairs. When I lodged a request with Hounslow Highways they replied as set out below:
"Thank you for your enquiry below .
We can advise you that this matter has recently been brought to our attention, following which our Bridge Engineer has made an inspection of the footbridge.
The footbridge is maintained by Network Rail and we have asked them to remedy the defects as soon as possible.
Thank you again for taking the time to inform us."

So I would assume that the first point of contact would be Hounslow Highways who then refer the matter to Network Rail. It might be worth reporting it to Network Rail directly.

If you do, and if you receive a reference number, perhaps share it here, so that if others wish to report the same issue, they can refer to the ref. number?

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