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Topic: Wheelie bin saga
Posted by: Nik Garston
Date/Time: 12/12/14 16:59:00

We have wheelie bins in Eastbury Grove now, we aren't delighted but we're getting on with it.

We have always recycled everything and never needed to be forced to do it. We even have separate bins in the kitchen for recyclable materials.

Refuse day and out go our bins, recycling trays, bags and other council provided implements.

All the rubbish was collected by the ever consistent useless bunch of collectors who spill more than they take away. However at least this week they took it.

Imagine my horror then to get some stroppy generic council letter telling me our bins were not done properly and in future they won't collect the refuse.

I see here on a regular basis people complaining about things but never actually doing anything. Isn't it about time we both voted for a new lot of Councillors who may listen to their clients? Isn't it time we took some sort of stand? If everyone who lived on the streets who was unhappy with wheelie bins left out their rubbish and didn't use the bins, wouldn't they hive up at some point? A little PR to national press and hopefully we wouldn't need a mountain of rubbish to build up.

My policy was never against the bins, i was ambivalent. What I don't need is so over officious, desk jockey to tell me I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing when I am. Even if they thought I wasn't recycling the right amount, how would they know? Do they now sift through my rubbish? Should I shred it before binning it? I had 1 black bag of rubbish and 2 filled up recycling bags. What more can I do?

I'm also slightly worried about the security aspect. Our roads have been deemed a crime hotspot and one policewoman suggested they only aide criminals as they now have easy access to the upper floors.

I'm fed up with bunch of idle wasters. Chiswick is being slowly ruined by bureaucratic nonsense which has turned a lovely place to live into a nightmare of red tape and crime.

What can we do to turn the tide of incompetence?

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