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Topic: Re:King Street this morning
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 11/12/14 11:56:00

Ulrica, this could have been one of many people that are afforded an escort,from foreign dignitaries or heads of state, to our own royal family.If it was a foreign head of state, the limousine usually flies a small pendant of their countries flag.A member of our royal family will usually have a crest on the roof of their car and the limousine may or may not carry number plates.It depends who the passengers are.It may also carry blue running lights.There will usually be  6 motorcycle outriders, 4 at the front of the convoy and 2 to the rear.Approaching road junctions or traffic lights 2 of the front outriders will ride on in front of the convoy and stop the traffic so that the convoy is not held up.Once the convoy is through the junction, the 2 outriders that stopped the traffic will move up and become the rearguard while the others move up and become the advance guard.The convoy will usually have a black Range Rover with blacked out windows.This will carry armed police officers.If the limousine passenger is a foreign head of state, there may also be another Range Rover in the convoy carrying the head of states own body guards, but they are not allowed to carry firearms in this country.All the police outriders will be armed with at least a Glock 9mm semi automatic pistol and some may have other weapons.The other thing they all carry is a whistle which they blow like crazy when stopping traffic.These convoys are very impressive when you see them we orking through heavy traffic.

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