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Topic: Re:B and Q ,what do you think?
Posted by: Adrian Irving
Date/Time: 11/12/14 10:33:00

The Norton Nail Company had been in business since Henry Norton founded the business in 1805. They had built up a reputation for producing the finest nails in the World.
However, in the late 70’s they fell upon hard times with the opening of the likes of B&Q selling cheap Chinese nails.
Something had to be done.
The Directors decided that a major advertising campaign could turn their fortunes so a top agency was commissioned to create the right ad.
The advert was created in absolute secrecy so as not to alert the competition. Even the Directors were not allowed to see it prior to launch. All they were told was to watch the News at Ten ad break on Friday night.
Come Friday they all gathered round the Board Room telly with much excitement.
As promised the ad came on.
Two Centurions were featured nailing Jesus to the cross and one turns to camera and says ‘ Norton Nails, only the finest will do for the Empire’
As you can imagine uproar ensued, and it looked as though Norton Nails would go promptly bankrupt!
Naturally the Directors demanded a meeting with the agency to ask them how they could put things right.
The slick ad man said, don’t worry, we will remake the ad and all will be fine, just watch the ad break for News at Ten next week.
Again the Directors gathered round the telly to watch the new ad that would save the Company.
Picture the scene, Jesus is seen running hell for leather down Calvary hill followed closely but two Centurions, one shouting to the other…..I TOLD YOU WE SHOUD HAVE USED NORTON NAILS!

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