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Topic: Lost Dogs - Simple Precautions
Posted by: Charlotte Kasner
Date/Time: 10/12/14 14:46:00

At the risk of being shot down in flames for being patronising or stating the obvious, there seems to be a positive epidemic of lost dogs, so perhaps it is worth reminding owners to take a few simple precautions:

Microchip your dog and make sure that the registration details are up to date (you can check here

Make sure that you comply with the Control of Dogs Order 1992 which says that while in public, a dog must have a collar and identification tag or engraved collar plate stating the owner's name and address (I leave my dog's collar on him until I lock up for the night just in case he were to leave the house accidentally)

Check that the collar is in good condition and is fitting correctly every time that you put it on (it should not be so loose so as to slip over your dog's head, nor so tight so as to restrict his movement or breathing - you should be able to slip a finger width underneath)

Check that the tag or plate is present, details are up to date and that it is legible every time that you put it on

Train your dog to come when called in a variety of circumstances including distractions such as other dogs, food and squirrels etc and re-inforce it regularly (get help from a qualified trainer if necessary)

Use a long line in the park until you are confident of your dog's recall

Use a houseline indoors if you think that your dog may slip out of an open door

Be especially vigilant with visitors and workmen etc and consider boarding your dog if you are undergoing extended building works or similar disruption

If your dog does go missing, register with DogLost (, contact local vets and the animal warden as a minimum

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