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Topic: Re:Recycling
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 07/12/14 19:52:00

Don't!  They are just as likely to be trying out what they can put in their recycling receptacles by trial and error with the collectors!

Ealing have the info on their website - as Angela noted above but sadly it is not as good as Hounslow's and they still don't have it in pdf format to just print off. 

Do use the lockable food waste bin.  It makes a lot of difference both to you and your pocket as you will see what you waste most of which will in turn help you to look for solutions in how to tweak your buying/storing/eating habits.

Separate at source without food waste mixed in and the rest is easy and clean to do.

Once the food waste (includes bones, peelings, tea bags etc) has been taken out your black sack will no longer be targeted by foxes/rats/magpies/crows/cats etc or drip as you take it through the house unless you are putting nappies in there.

Recycle all that you can in your green box and white plastics sack and you'll find there is very little to go in the black sack at all - many of us don't put one out each week.  However it is good to be able to put it out when it is full and we need to or are available to.

I find that the food waste bin can be put out the night before (but not where it can be tipped off a step - they are smart these foxes) and the the lid taken off the normal sized dustbin to allow the black sack to be removed early if they suddenly collect early the morning. 

I often put all the things that can go into the green box first thing in the morning from a dry recycling bin in the kitchen taking into consideration the chaps that have to sort at kerbside ie the papers are all together and the cardboard packets are all flattened and inside a cereal box. All larger boxes flattened.  They don't have time to flatten everyone's boxes for them as they sort and the volume of the recycling can be a problem.  (I used to hear them breaking the glass bottles to make more space but all broken glass we have has to be wrapped very carefully and put into the black sack.) Cans are now in the minority but these can also be squashed. A better quality of recyclate is achieved that way. I put the plastics bag out every three or four weeks - flatten those plastic bottles. You'll work out what suits you best and works for you.

Put your house number on the containers so that they can be returned to you.  If they are unnumbered there's not so much of a chance.  (Someone once stopped their car and returned a flying food waste bin to my doorstep. :)

You can be fined if you put your black sack out too early.

Having said all that they are threatening to change the system.  I hope they don't reduce the number of things we can recycle because it is very comprehensive compared to some other places I stay.  Sorting on kerbside gives a better quality of recyclate. 

There are more things that can go in the green box eg I put a lot of squashed clean foil containers in Blue-Peter-style but you'll have to look up the website to find out!

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