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Topic: Update - Second half of book
Posted by: Michael Brown
Date/Time: 07/12/14 14:34:00

I’ve finished reading Dr Wood’s book, ‘Where Did The Towers Go?’ Well, what an incredible gathering of information is contained in this book. Her observation is quite exceptional. She sees things in photos and videos that I would never pick up on, never mind be able to offer a scientific explanation for. She doesn’t just disprove the official story, she makes a mockery of it, and all with the presentation of evidence. It’s easy to see why those with a motive to cover up the truth get angry at the mere mention of her name.

I’ve already outlined some of the main points from the first half of the book, so I’ll do the same for the second half, but for the wealth of detail, you’ll need to obtain the book.

• During the ‘collapse’ of the towers, most of the steel is seen to be explosively ejected, turning to dust before it reaches the ground. Some columns show great curvature, bending almost full circle without any cracking; others also display unusual deformations – shrivelling, kinking, twisting, wrapping, rolling etc. Some I-Beams are shown to have bent, but around the wrong axis to support the theory of a gravity collapse. Dr Wood asserts that the steelwork does not show any signs of overloading from a gravity collapse and is not consistent with damage one would expect to see from relatively low temperature fires caused by burning aviation fuel, but that the deformations are consistent with the behaviour observed of metals in experiments carried out by John Hutchison, where he interacts radio waves with magnetic fields, creating an energy field the Hutchison effect

• Whilst most of the tower contents turned to dust, there was an abundance of paper, which didn’t seem at all affected by whatever was causing the devastation. Therefore, vehicles seen in flames in the debris zone were surrounded by piles of paper. The vehicles were in flames but the paper didn’t burn

• Prior to the collapse of one tower, a fireman reports that the building shook and rumbled for about 30 seconds, at which point the radio contact when out. Dr Wood suspects that an energy field was responsible for the effect on the building and for the breakdown of radio communications

• Just prior to the collapse of the Twin Towers and Building 7, Dr Wood observes that fumes emerge along the entire height of one face of each building, which she describes as ‘lathering’. The fumes are seen to be very directional and inconsistent with the known wind direction on the day. In the case of Building 7, the fumes exiting the lower half of the building were exiting at an angle of approx. 45 degrees downwards and at an approx. angle of 45 degrees upwards for the upper half of the building. Hardly likely to be fire smoke and, of course, there weren’t fires on all floors of these buildings.

• There are countless testimonies from first responders and other witnesses stating that vehicles were igniting and/or exploding streets away from the disintegrating towers. Some vehicles were burning on the inside only, leaving the exterior paint perfectly intact whilst other vehicles only burnt on the outside. The panels of some vehicles had the appearance of delaminating when they weren’t even laminated panels. Some vehicles had the appearance of being completely burnt out, but things like seats and seat belts didn’t burn. The plastic lights on the roof of a burnt out police car were also unaffected. Some vehicles even flipped over, including fire trucks, which are described by witnesses as being thrown around like toys; yet in close proximity are trees full of foliage indicating that there had been no great gusts of wind. Most of the vehicles parked in the Towers’ car park, which was about 1,000ft away, and not part of the debris field, were completely destroyed by strange fires, melting and disintegration of certain parts. This car park was located north of the towers, but there was a group of vehicles parked about ½ mile south of the towers that were also destroyed in similar fashion. Firemen tried to put out the flames of burning vehicles with water, but water had no effect on them. How does any of this fit in with ‘collapsing’ buildings some distance away? Dr Wood asserts that the fires were not of a type that we are familiar with, but ‘cold’ fires, which are produced by energy fields.

• Some suggest that vehicles may have been burnt by the dust cloud, which quickly spread throughout the streets, engulfing people that tried to outrun it, but people caught in the dust cloud say that it wasn’t hot, but cool, and below the ambient temperature. However, some people much further away from the dust cloud reported great heat, but this only seemed to be in pockets.

• One tower victim that was found on the day was described as being burnt to a crisp, yet the coat he was wearing is said to have been intact. Dr Wood asserts that this is evidence of heating up from the inside, similar to how a microwave oven works 

• Trapped Tower victim, Melissa Doi, made a phone call to the emergency services from the 83rd floor. During her conversation with the operator she repeatedly stated how hot the area was, eventually screaming how hot she was getting “I’m burning up” yet she said that she could see no fires, just what she described as ‘smoke’. She said that she was with 5 other people and that they all had trouble breathing. However, Dr Wood makes the point that despite the apparent ‘smoke’, no-one is heard to cough. With the absence of any visible fires, and from what Doi describes, Dr Wood asserts that the scenario is consistent with what a person may experience when subjected to an energy field. Doi and her colleagues were most likely being microwaved

• Whilst the destruction of the WTC was happening, a huge hurricane (Erin) was situated just to the East of New York, a hurricane that wasn’t mentioned on the Mainstream News and wasn’t even mentioned on most of the mainstream weather reports or even shown on the map; it was casually mentioned by a couple of stations but with no emphasis placed on it when, normally, a hurricane of such size heading towards a major city is big news, with warnings issued. The vast majority of Americans were not aware of this hurricane. Dr Wood only became aware of it when she looked at the satellite images to investigate the smoke plume paths. It headed on a direct path towards New York for approx. 5 days and was closest to New York on 9/11, where it remained quite stationary just off the coast before moving off in a similar direction to which it had approached. Hurricanes produce great energy and magnetic fields with a coil not dissimilar to a tesla coil. Did this hurricane play a role in the destruction of the WTC? Dr Wood suspects that it may have done, and the unjustified/unexplained secrecy surrounding the hurricane supports reason for suspicion.

• Approximately 20 mins before the first ‘plane impact’, the magnetometers in Alaska recorded notable changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, with the field remaining erratic throughout the destructive events of 9/11, returning to normal after the events.

• Whilst Dr Wood refers to “plane impacts”, she also uses inverted commas because she has seen no credible evidence to suggest that planes created the holes in the towers. Dr Wood does not go into detail about any alleged planes or what any plane-shaped objects seen approaching the towers may have been

We stand at the dawn of an entirely new age. By all the evidence, man has in his hands a method of disrupting the molecular basis for matter and the ability, very possibly, to split the Earth in half on a moment’s notice. The technology demonstrated on 9/11 can, indeed, spit the earth in half, or it can be used to allow for all people to live fruitful, constructive, and non-polluting lives through use of free energy.

He who controls the energy, controls the people. Control of energy, depending on what that energy is, can either destroy or sustain the planet.

We have a choice. And the choice is real. We can live happily and fruitfully and productively, or we can destroy the planet and die, every last one of us, along with every living being on the planet.

These are the reasons I have spent so much time studying the evidence of what happened on 9/11. 9/11 was a demonstration to the world of a new technology known as free energy. This is a force that can be used for demonic, ruinous, Earth-destructive purposes. Or it can be used for the good of us, of the Earth, and of our civilizations. We have a choice. And that choice is ours.

But in order to exercise that choice, in order to be equipped to exercise it, we must keep our eyes open wide and our minds, both our scientific and our social-humanist minds, unvaryingly on high alert. After all, two of the very tallest buildings in the world went missing on that awful, grievous day in September. And yet no-one continued to ask, “Where did the towers go?”

Now we know the answer to that extraordinary question – the question that should have been asked by every one of us long before now.

Dr Judy Wood BS, MS, PhD

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