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Posted by: Jim Lawes
Date/Time: 07/12/14 01:53:00

Thank you all again for your messages, emails and visits.
I was impressed with those hard working and "on the ball" nurses and doctors at Charing Cross Hospital (Acute Stroke Dept) that I must join the campaign to keep the hospital open. Their teamwork and pride was impressive. NHS staff from all over the world.

Your messages have been a tonic and kept my spirits up. Have been back home for a week now... resting and endeavoring to exercise. I'm amazed it's possible to get walking again. I've been lucky.

At CHX the catering contract seems to have been taken over by the French Company Sodexo. Fine jacket potatoes with grated cheese and chilli kept me going too!

I gather Andrew Marr's wife has launched a campaign to raise the awareness of impending strokes (TIA etc).
At the first sign of violent vertigo attacks (holding onto the wash basin and the world is pulling you around and you're holding on for dear life), pins and needles in the arms and upper lip, slurred speech ..get to the Walk In A&E at Charing Cross Hospital. They are the top Stroke Unit in the country it's said. 
Ealing Hospital doesn't have a TIA they send you to West Middx after a delayed appointment schedule. Don't wait...the walk in A&E at West Middx may check you out(CT scan etc) but they send you to CHX for immediate and top action.
My doctor was treating me for a blocked ear would you believe! Avoid being slow tracked.  Fast track those needing help to A&E.

So. I'm lucky..and hopefully on the mend. Thank you for all your kind words. Support CHX!

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