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Topic: Thank you Waitrose
Posted by: Loraine Pemberton
Date/Time: 05/12/14 20:10:00

I'd bought something at Robert Dyas then popped into Waitrose and paid at one the the self service tills.

It was either a blonde or senior moment or even both, but I left one bag of waitrose goods and one of Robert Dyas. When I got home I realised that I'd left my shopping so went back 30 mins later.

Waitrose staff said my friend had come and collected my shopping upon which I told them that wasn't the case and I resigned my self to losing said purchases. Waitrose not only replaced the goods I'd bought from them but also gave me the cash value of what I'd bought from Dyas !

Enormous thanks to Waitrose and their super staff and to the thief I wish you a really miserable Christmas and 2015!

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