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Topic: Re:Lunch on Christmas Day
Posted by: Adrian Irving
Date/Time: 03/12/14 13:51:00

A couple of years ago we(her indoors in truth) decided to go out for Christmas Lunch for the first time ever.
We booked and pre-ordered our choice of dishes in a well known riverside pub in Hammersmith where we had eaten well before...................Disastrous! So bad we walked out and politely told them to sue for the bill.
On the way home I suggested we pop into The Black Lion Black Lion Lane to cheer ourselves up.
Having got chatting with the landlord I told our tale of woe and then we sat down to sup our beer. Shortly afterwards, out of the blue, we were served a delicious meal compliments of the house! Great gesture which saved our day. The Christmas there was wonderful atmosphere and
having eaten there recently I can vouch for the food too. and

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