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Topic: Wheelie bins campaign on Facebook
Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 02/12/14 14:20:00

It shows how it is and how we feel.
It's an ill thought out scheme for improving recycling and reducing spillage.
The council have no idea how much effort individuals are making, so the same size has to fit all but it doesn't and we weren't asked.
The fact that other boroughs are doing it doesn't make it any better.
A same size for all system to improve recycling has to be found as an alternative.
If addressed sacks for scanning to make us all responsible for our own rubbish won't do, how else can it be done? Does anyone have any suggestions?
Obviously the council can't now relent and say that they will collect sacks from those who have opted out since it would defeat the purpose  of supplying mandatory bins.
We have established that it is not a health and safety issue with Sita.
If we can't suggest a workable alternative our protests will continue to fall on deaf ears

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