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Topic: Re:Reliable cleaner needed urgently
Posted by: Rosie Ivanova
Date/Time: 01/12/14 21:27:00

Hi my name is Rosie,I`m honest, hard-working, trustworthy, professional, respectful, warm, loving and great with children.I`m† meticulous when it comes to the house, incredibly reliable and flexible with schedule and responsibilities, and I can manage the household in a way that you donít have to worry about anything. I would like to commit to long term position. I`m respectful of your privacy and I know when to provide the family with private time. I`ve† worked in a household with very high standards, with children and worked for families for several years per position.I charge 10p/h. My contact number is 07402910675.If im not answering the call thats because I`m working please feel free to send text I will get back to you ASAP. Kind regards Rosie

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