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Topic: If you travel by bus read this please
Posted by: Carla Stimolo
Date/Time: 28/11/14 12:09:00

I've just emailed TfL asking how are people travelling with pushchairs supposed to pay for the bus fare.
I've been told 3 different things:
- when I went to the front to pay (leaving pushchair alone) the driver played a pre recorded message saying 'for everyone's safety stay with your child at all times'
- other driver told me I should wait for the next stop (would I really want to leave my baby when the doors are open?)
- when putting previous advice into practice I was shouted at by a lady driver yesterday asking if I had a ticket and that ny baby's safety was not an excuse and had to pay.

The sad thing, and I won't go into details, is that between first and second advice my baby's pushchair was thrown in the air while I left it to pay.
So why don't they put readers in the middle or make buses wider to board from the front (like E3) although wheelchairs might have the same problem in any bus.
I want and always wanted to do the right thing but if it involves putting my baby into danger I'd rather walk, thank you.
Does anyone have the answer?
Please always stay next to your child and hold the buggy, fellow passengers maybe can offer to touch the card on your behalf?

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