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Topic: Economic Moves, Chiswick
Posted by: Jackie Harvey
Date/Time: 27/11/14 15:23:00

I was totally delighted by the friendly and diligent service I received from Economic Moves. Over the years, I have endured many domestic and international moves with Salespeople promising the earth and the crew on the day huffing and puffing, not to mention finding considerable damage when unpacking.  Anna was true to her word and offered a very personal service; taking great care with delicate china and pictures.  It was quite refreshing for someone to come in and start organising a move in a logical and very thoughtful way.  The guys were very calm, again very reassuring, extremely polite, helpful and packed all the furniture with great care.  Nothing was too much trouble especially when we got to the other end and they didn't leave until they were sure that they had placed the furniture in the correct position even if this meant bringing items back to their original place, all done without a groan in earshot!  As an over and beyond they even brought me in a coffee as I got to the other end before they did.

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