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Topic: Volunteer for Marie Curie Cancer Care, eastern end of Chiswick?
Posted by: Mary Brown
Date/Time: 26/11/14 12:36:00

I've recently become a volunteer Daffodil Box Coordinator for Marie Curie.
They asked me to do it, I said yes, then I discovered that I'd be the only one in Chiswick. There was a list of shops etc who had taken the boxes before and most were in west Chiswick, where I live myself. I told the Marie Curie Community Fundraiser I thought they really needed someone else to cover the eastern end and she emailed back: "We would love to have another coordinator in W4, but sadly we just donít have enough volunteers to even have one per postcode- let alone two in one!"
So if anyone is interested, contact me and I'll tell you what's involved, or just contact Marie Curie direct.

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