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Posted by: Julian Pavey
Date/Time: 25/11/14 22:14:00

Hardly a failed Politician in truth. I take it that this is just another tit for tat swipe because one sits on the other side.Its as boring as accusing a party of something when they did nout or no better themselves. Or indeed swiping at reforms when you don't have any policy yourself to put across. Its all very boring.

Much a successfully businessman and hardly gone away.He has been on Radio for the best past of 15 years picking up awards on the way including The Variety Club's "BBC Radio Personality of the Year award.

Oh and on looking was working for the Labour Govt on its  Football Task Force which he recommended the criminalisation of racial abuse in Football to become law which the Labour government put into law.

Not sticking up for him,but i hate silly comments that have no substance due to lack of knowledge

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