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Topic: Taxi Fares Slashed
Posted by: Leslie Wilson
Date/Time: 24/11/14 06:35:00

A little something to add to our Christmas cheer:

A price war has broken out among taxi booking apps, forcing firms to slash fares in half in the run-up to Christmas.

With an increasing number of cab booking apps on the market, some of the well-funded multinational firms are going to extreme lengths to attract business.

Controversial minicab booking app Uber has reduced prices, with some journeys costing half of the usual cost.

Last week the app launched in Leeds, its third UK city, and the service continues to grow despite large protests in London and around Europe.

In response, the Get Taxi app for black cabs, based in London and looking to expand to other cities, has laid down the gauntlet with an aggressive price strategy.

From now until Christmas they are charging customers just 5 to travel up to six miles in parts of the capital, with the app making up the remainder of the fare.

A typical journey would normally cost around 30.

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