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Topic: Re:Mobile Phone Scam
Posted by: Adam Beamish
Date/Time: 18/11/14 14:41:00

Same thing happened to me a couple of years back, correct address but different first name, our concierge signed for the phones when delivered, I was bemused as I knew I hadn't ordered anything so took the phones off the concierge and phoned O2 to arrange for them to be returned.

Afew hours later this guy turns up at the concierge desk purporting to live at my address and wanting his parcels, our concierges all know me so they knew something was up, I declined to come down and meet the random guy, so he left the concierge desk only to then ring me using our external videophone system, I politely explained to him that I wasn't stupid and thus wasn't going to give him the phones or come down and talk to him, and he eventually disappeared.

Someone did once manage to set up a Littlewoods account in my name and address, and seemingly had ordered something, as  I was getting letters from Littlewoods which I threw in the bin unopened because I thought they were junk mail, only to eventually open one to find that my account balance was around £160 in the red and demanding payment !.  All resolved rather quickly as it was established that whoever the scammer was had given a different date of birth to mine.

I often wonder if these scammers concentrate on flatted developments with concierges where a concierge may not know every resident and might therefore be more liable to release a parcel to the wrong person.

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